A trip! Finally! We haven't gone on a vacation since the Philippines in April. (We went to the US in May, but that was such a whirlwind that it didn't feel like a vacation.) Jared keeps reminding me that our trip to the the Philippines was not that long ago, but it feels like an eternity. This is what happens when you get to travel so much in one year; you become spoiled and expect a trip every two months. Jared took a command position in May, and it means that our travel times are a little more limited. However, Labor Day weekend is the perfect opportunity to hop across the Yellow Sea and visit China-ish! We're going to Hong Kong, which is that weird gray area of China. It's China in name, but not in style. We've been told by many people that Hong Kong is the most westernized area we will visit in Asia. It can also be one of the most expensive. We saved on airfare and are slightly splurging on a hotel in downtown. However, we don't plan to do much shopping (which the city is notorious for), so I hope the weekend won't be too expensive. Our to-do list includes: Hong Kong
  • Tian-Tan Buddha (aka Big Buddha)
  • Victoria Peak (The tram is still to-be-determined. Jared saw that the tram floor is glass, and he is afraid of heights.)
  • Temple Street Night Market
  • Dim Sum & Peking Duck yumminess
  • Photos of the night skyline. There is a laser light show every night in the city, and I hope we will be able to scout a good location to see it.
Also, I plan to read the entire China guide book and narrow down options on a mainland China trip (this fall?) I really like this Discover series from Lonely Planet for larger countries. It gives you an overview without overwhelming you. I hope to find a more specific guidebook once we have decided on a region. Happy Labor Day!
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    japakok 29 August, 2014

    Yay! We’re going to Hong Kong in November. I can’t wait for your report!

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