Get up early for sunrisepictures Pack light Buy too many souvenirs Take more pictures than you think you need Wear comfortable shoes Eat at the restaurant that US health inspectors would shut down Keep a journal Go to the top Use a guidebook Ask your hotel for recommendationstop Talk to strangers Take the touristy pictures Sit and watch Carry a bottle of water with you Take the extra battery Eat street food Stay out late Sleep in Wear shower shoes Take public transportationedge Learn to say "hello," "please," and "thank you" in the local language Have a plan Ignore the plan Go to the markets Lean over the edge Respect the culture and customs Walk Be amazed Try the food you can't identifypisa Get dirty Send postcards Dip your toes in the water Make friends Take pictures for others Eat breakfast Carry tissues Know some of the history Tip street performers Stay in hostels and B&Bs Accept the rain Be active Get lost EXPLORE!  

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    Joyce Rutherford 2 April, 2015

    This blog was different and fun. I can see (the new) you doing every one of them. (Is there a leaning tower of Nepal?)

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