We only had two and a half days in Singapore, and it rained for a lot of our visit. This means we didn’t get to do some of the things on my wishlist. However,  Gardens by the Bay was a place I didn’t want to miss. We liked it so much that we visited it multiple times during the weekend. 

Gardens by the Bay is a public park area on the eastern side of Singapore. It is overlooked by the towering Marina Bay Sands hotel and is home to the famous Supertrees. Since the Supertrees were at the top of my must-see list in Singapore, we set out to see them our first night. I was instantly in love. The Supertrees are man-made structures reaching up to 16 stories high. They are covered in over 200 different species of plants. Some of the trees have solar panels, and all of them are lit at night. We went to see the Garden Rhapsody show two nights in a row; during the show the trees light up in sync with a variety of Disney songs that play over loudspeakers. Of course, the last song is The Circle of Life.

I took a lot of pictures of the trees; pictures from every angle and each time the lights changed colors. Here are some of my favorites!






Our first night in Singapore we ate dinner at Satay by the Bay. It is a food hawker center with a variety of vendors and a short walk from the Supertrees. (It was a longer walk for us actually. We were almost there when I realized my Fitbit pedometer was missing. We retraced our steps trying to find it, but were out of luck. I found it slightly ironic that losing my pedometer ensured that I walked more that evening.) Years ago, Singapore had a lot of street food vendors. They would set up their little carts all over, much like they do in Seoul. In order to organize the industry and, thereby, enforce health code standards, the Singapore government created hawker centers. They are large open air cafeterias. Vendors all have their own shop with running water and electricity, and there are tables and chairs for customers. Most of the food is cheap and each vendor has their own specialty. It’s an interesting take on street food, and I really like the concept. We actually walked by the famous chicken satay, and ended up eating a Turkish side (delicious). However, I wish we had eaten the satay that is famous at this hawker center!



We returned to Gardens by the Bay on our second day under the threat of a rainy afternoon. We visited the Cloud Forest, an enclosed glass dome. (There’s also the Flower Dome, but we didn’t visit it.) The Cloud Forest has a massive waterfall and seeks to recreate a rainforest climate. I expected a glassed-in rain forest to be muggy and hot (much like the outside air), but it was surprisingly cool inside the dome, and very fragrant. Flowers grew all the way to the top of the waterfall. I saw orchids as big as my palm, and many flowers that I didn’t recognize. It was so beautiful! You can go to the top of the waterfall and walk on a metal walkway that juts out away from the waterfall. The walkway is several stories up in the air, and it has grating on the side so you can see to the bottom. I had no problem with this, but Jared and many other tourists felt a little uneasy about the height. I hopped around while they clung to the railing or moved incredibly slowly.




There was even a display of Lego flowers!


From the Gardens by the Bay area you can see the Singapore Flyer, the worlds highest observation wheel, and on the other side of Marina Bay Sands you can see the skyline and maybe a perfect sunset.



Though this was my favorite area of Singapore, there’s a lot more to see. Stay tuned!




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    Anonymous 20 June, 2015

    It looks absolutely beautiful. Your pictures don’t even let on that the weather was less than desirable. I can’t wait to see the next post :) Amazing adventures as always! And you guys look great in that last picture. Miss you both.

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    Bethany 20 June, 2015

    Thanks, Krystle! We miss you too!

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