It's finally happening. After saying "we'll come back here" dozens of times about dozens of places, we are finally returning to a vacation destination. What place captured our hearts so much that we felt the need to return less than a year later? Niseko, Japan! Niseko Love Jared pretty much decided we would return to Niseko before we even left it in February 2014. It was that wonderful. He fell in love with the powder and the ramen; this trip has been planned for quite awhile. This is my second ever ski season and I'm happy to return to the beautiful slopes in Niseko. The resorts in Korea are horribly icy and packed with people. I'm ready for soft powder and open runs. I'm ready for 8 foot walls of snow and the delicious quiet of a snow storm. I'm ready for hot cocoa and warm noodles. I'm ready for a vacation! Niseko has 4 large resorts that all join together at the top of a mountain. Since we went last year and knew what we liked, we book a chalet near our favorite resort- Annipuri. We are excited to stay in a chalet instead of in a hotel. (However, I will miss that continental breakfast!) Skis and SnowboardsObviously, the bulk of our time will be spent skiing. However, we will have five full days in Niseko, and we plan to use the middle day as a recovery day. I was unable to ski the last (4th) day of our vacation last year because my legs were so tired. I remember my last run: I was going down the main green at Hirafu when my right leg cramped up. All the muscles got horribly tight and painful. I fell over into the snow, and as I lay there I decided that I was done for the week. It was awesome, and I can't wait to return! I don't know our exact plans for the rest day, but I'm hoping for a cooking school. We have already planned to return to Niseko ramen and an okonomiyaki restaurant. We also watched this episode of No Reservations with Anthony Bourdain. (We usually can't stand him, but were interested enough in Niseko to watch one episode.) We really want to try the soba noodle restaurant, but we weren't able to get evening reservations. We want to try for lunch, but there are only 12 seats! We have friends traveling with us, and I can't wait to show them this special place. I hope that the second visit is as wonderful as the first! See my post from last trip here and here. Snow

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