A new adventure!

This should be our last summer in Korea, so we are taking advantage of our last few months in the country… by visiting other countries! This week we will be checking two new countries off our list, and this will likely be our final visit to Indo-China. We have previously visited Cambodia, Thailand, and recently Singapore. Now we will tour Vietnam and Laos! (Leaving only Malaysia and Myanmar unvisited in the region.)

TravelThis adventure is made even more exciting as we are bringing along Jared’s sister for the vacation. When we moved to Korea, we decided that if anyone visited us, then we would go on another Asian adventure with them. However, no one visited us. Until now! We were so excited about having Stephanie visit, that we couldn’t settle on just taking her to one country! (We have another visitor set for late summer, and I’m already planning that trip!)

We are visiting Vietnam in what may be the hottest time of the year. A friend who recently visited has given us multiple warnings about how hot and humid it will be; so, I am a little apprehensive about how it will affect the enjoyment of our trip. (Hi, Hana!) I’m hoping that if I just go ahead and accept the fact that we will be sweaty messes, then maybe it will be ok. Set your expectations low, and be pleasantly surprised, right?

We will be staying in the northern part of Vietnam and visiting only Hanoi and Halong Bay. I know there’s a lot more to see in Vietnam, but it was impossible to fit in multiple cities. I am most excited about going on a three day, two night cruise in Halong Bay. Our ship has many amenities including a cooking class, kayaking, exploring caves, and visiting a fishing village. I’ve never been on a cruise before, but I couldn’t pass up this opportunity to sail around Halong Bay!

We will only be in Laos for a short time, but I want to see the early morning call to alms in Luang Prabang. Monks leave their temples and weave through the streets holding begging bowls. Buddhists places balls of sticky rice into the bowls, and the tradition demonstrates the monks’ vows of humility and poverty. I also want to take a boat ride on the Mekong River and visit a cave.

And, of course, I’ll take a lot of pictures to share with you!

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