We’re off on another adventure!

I am so excited about this vacation! We have been to Japan and Cambodia since we moved to Korea, but both of those trips were just for a weekend. We will have two weeks in Thailand, and it is nice to know that we have more than just a few days to explore this awesome country.

One of the main reasons we choose to move to Korea is because we love to travel. We know that we would never have the opportunity to travel this much if we were still in the US. Our previous vacations have been planned by, “let’s go there; when can you get days off?” We traveled based on what we could fit into our schedule, not when the best time to go is. We were very disappointed that we missed Semana Santa (Holy Week) in Spain, and visited Italy in peak tourist season. So, when we first moved to Korea, I started researching which countries we wanted to visit, and then I looked up which months were the best to go and when important festivals are. I made a year long calendar that denotes all of this information.

mapWe knew that November was going to be the best time for us to get away. So instead of just randomly picking somewhere to visit, we scanned our travel calendar to find the best place to go. I was excited to see Loy Krathong, a Thai festival where lanterns are sent floating down rivers, would be occurring in the middle of November. I researched the festival, and we decided to build our vacation around this event. Yay for the travel event calendar!

Our original plan was to explore all of Indo-China (Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam). It turned out that we had too much to see in just two weeks. We cut Vietnam and Laos from the trip first, and eventually made Cambodia as a weekend vacation. Our Thailand itinerary includes Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and Koh Lak. I am most excited to see Asian elephants, but I’ve also be dreaming of relaxing on a Thai beach.

Like the other countries we have visited, my knowledge of Thailand is rather limited. This is what I knew of Thailand before we started planning:

  • It was previously known as Siam. I only knew this because I love¬†The King and I.
  • Thailand has beautiful beaches and crazy beach parties.
  • The best line from The Hangover 2 was “Bangkok has him now.”
  • Pad Thai can be deceptively spicy, but it’s always delicious.

Although we have been researching more about Thailand, there’s only so much you can learn about a country from a book. I cannot wait to discover more about this country!¬†


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