Awhile ago, Jared asked me if I wanted to go skiing in Japan. “Sure.”

Jared has wanted to go on a ski vacation for years. However, he never felt he could really justify it, as I had never skied. He knew my first time skiing couldn’t be during a week long trip. So, he waited. He eased me into the sport and bought me a bright jacket so that I’d feel more inclined to ski. Now all his dreams are coming true and we are celebrating President’s Day with a week in Niseko, Japan.

NisekoI had less to do with the planning of this trip than usual. Since Jared is more into skiing than I am, I really let him take over. My job was to learn to ski, which I moderately accomplished. He researched, compared, and watched several YouTube videos in the process of planning this trip. Niseko is world famous for its skiing, with the attention centering on 4,291-foot Mount Niseko Annupuri. On average, Niseko receives 49 feet of snow each year, with an average snow depth of 8 feet. I really have no way to comprehend how much snow that is. I think 8 inches is a lot of snow; 8 feet is mind boggling. The snow in Niseko is very light and powdery. This means it won’t hurt as much when I fall.

Other than skiing, we have no plans. Jared hopes to ski all day, every day. I’m imagining my schedule will be more along the lines of ski for half the day, and read for the other half. I am actually looking forward to a vacation where we aren’t rushing to catch a train to the next city and sights. The area has many hot springs, which we might visit, but otherwise we just plan to ski (and read) the week away!


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