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As my time comes to an end in Korea, I wanted to share some of my favorite spots in Korea. The places that I have returned to again and again, the places I recommend everyone visit, the places that will always remind me of my favorite days in Korea.


I don’t remember watching much Sesame Street when I was younger, but I do remember having a recorded episode that I watched multiple times. Big Bird in China features Big Bird on a quest and walking on The Great Wall. For a long time, I think the only thing I knew about China (or Asia, for that matter) is that The Great Wall is there. So, about 25 years later, I decided that I would follow in Big Bird’s footsteps.


This weekend Jared and I ventured into Bukhansan National Park to stretch our legs and soak in some nature. The park consists of three mountain peaks within just 30 square miles of protected land. Designated as a park in 1983, Bukhansan is very unique because it is in northern Seoul, a city of 10 million people. Since it is part of the city, we did something I have never experienced before: we took the subway to reach a national park!