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I found a little treasure.


Imagine the best antiques store you’ve ever been in; add a little crazy and a bit of Asia. Bam! Seoul Folk Flea Market!


I mostly use the buddy system in Korea. I go out with either Jared or a friend, but rarely venture out on my own.


The Han River slices through Seoul. I live on the southern side, but travel north of the Han almost daily. Seoul has done a great job in featuring the Han as part of it’s city. The banks are lined with parks, trails, and restaurants.


Did you know that the Republic of Korea has 10 designated UNESCO World Heritage sites? Did you know that the Korea Tourism Organization gives free passports to collect stamps for these sites? (Do you already see where this is going?)


Holidays are a little funny over here. We will have the day off for American holidays like President’s Day, Memorial Day, or Independence Day, but the Koreans will still be bustling around with every day life. This makes it a perfect time to visit tourists sites in the country, because there are far fewer people present. 


We lived in Georgetown, Texas for three years. Every second Saturday of the month the town would host a market day. I loved them. You could find local honey, every craft you could think of, and the best salsa verde I’ve ever tried.


Jared and I have seen our fair share of art. We’ve gone to a few traveling exhibitions, toured museums in Europe to see some of the great masterpieces, and got cramps in our necks from gazing up at the Sistine Chapel. Seeing famous works of art has always provided me with a sense of awe and appreciation for the genius who brought such visions to the world; however, none of our art expeditions have been as much fun as our tour of street art in Ewha!


Jared and I have a list of all the places we want to go in Seoul. It’s a long list, but we have been slowly working on it. Our number one site, N Seoul Tower, has been put off again and again in the past few months. We actually wanted to visit it during my first week in Korea, but we finally made it there this weekend!