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As my time comes to an end in Korea, I wanted to share some of my favorite spots in Korea. The places that I have returned to again and again, the places I recommend everyone visit, the places that will always remind me of my favorite days in Korea.


A few times a year, Changdeokgung Palace, my favorite of Seoul’s five palaces, is open for moonlight tours. I made sure to buy tickets as soon as they were available, and was delighted to see these beautiful buildings lit up at night!


Jared and I continue to work our way down our inventory of tourist activities, and I am happy to report that we have successfully explored Changdeokgung Palace and marked it off the list. We had first visited Gyeongbokgung Palace; though we were intrigued by our first Korean palace, we were disappointed to learn that much of what we saw was not the original structure. Changdeokgung has suffered a similar destructive history, but we were armed with our prior knowledge, we were better able to accept this.