Hi! Welcome to my first blog, morethanapage.com! I started this site to chronicle my newest adventure– moving to and living in South Korea. My original goal with this blog was to have another outlet for keeping in touch and with friends and family. (Hi Mom!) However, I want to go further than just document our everyday lives in a new country. I plan to examine all aspects of Korean culture and, hopefully, help others who are planning to move to or travel in Korea.

Moving has always been part of my life. Between childhood moves with my family and Army moves with my husband, I have called nine different houses my home. My husband Jared commissioned into the Army the same month that we got married. Therefore, I always knew that moving would be part of our lives together, and I embraced the idea. The thought of uprooting myself every few years never sent fear into my heart. Stress, absolutely, but not fear.

Early on in our relationship Jared and I dreamed up a bucket list of places we wanted to visit. We were pretty Eurocentric with our destinations – Italy, Spain, England, Ireland, Germany, France. We would throw in general ideas like “somewhere in South America,” “ a safari in Africa,” or “Australia” to spice it up. However, those non-European countries were always further down the list, and Asia never really seemed a priority.

We dreamed of merging an Army life and a love of travel by being able to live in Germany. The Army still has posts there and we have been told by countless people that if we’re in the Army, we’d end up in Germany. Think of all the possibilities! We could hop on a train and spend the weekend in Belgium! Go skiing in Switzerland! Tour the Loire Valley in France!

Germany never happened for us, and things started to change a few months ago when we were making a list of our next assignment preferences. While there was only one slot for Germany, there were 11 slots for Korea. The Branch Manager had been to Korea and started talking of its wonders. The food! The travel! The experience! Spouses love it! Soldiers love it! Think of all the possibilities! It wasn’t Germany, but it was overseas. There was potential, which grew into a possibility, and has now developed into our next home!

I know very little about the Republic of Korea; however, I think this will work in my favor. I have very few “must-dos” in Korea. No long checklist of statues I have to see or famous sunset views. This in no way means that Korea lacks these places; it is simply that I am shamefully uneducated about most of Asia. I have no blinders on as I begin this journey, so everything is open to exploration.

I have done some traveling in my life, but still not enough to satisfy my travel bug. Every new destination simply makes me crave more of the world. Jared and I travel with destinations in mind, but remain open to wandering down an interesting street or stopping at a restaurant with no name. I hope that this sense of curiosity and adventure will lead us to some fantastic places and stories to share with you.

Posts will not be as frequent until I actually arrive in Korea. Obviously, because there is a limited amount for me to say about life in Korea without having actually being there. However, I hope to post what I have discovered a couple times a week once I have arrived. So, please follow along and discover Korea with me!



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    Glennis Eastwood Holland 5 March, 2013

    Good Luck to you and Jared, GOD’S BLESSINGS for both of you!!

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    Donna Perry 5 March, 2013

    Wishing you a wonderful experience. It will be a joy to read about your adventures. May God bless and keep you and Jared on life’s adventure. Will be anxiously awaiting to read about all your experiences. Love from me and your Uncle Willard…

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    Anonymous 5 March, 2013

    Enjoyed seeing you last week so much, except for the sad reason for being there. Look forward to sharing in your travel experiences in Korea. Since I will never be there myself, this will be the next best thing. Have a wonderful time, but most of all be safe. Love you lots. Aunt Stella

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    Bethany 6 March, 2013

    Thanks so much for visiting! Your support means a lot!

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    Jessica 8 March, 2013

    Your blog made none not so sad anymore! ! I am actually kinda excited to explore Korea through you! ! Love you lots! !! Jess

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