The other night I read this article about celebrating accomplishments from the previous year. I've seen jars like this before around Thanksgiving, and people write what they are grateful for. I like the idea of keeping track of positive events throughout the year and celebrating looking back.  In that spirit, I've reviewed my favorite pictures of 2014 and relived my year here. Some of you may have noticed that my blogging has decreased significantly in the past few months. I have a lot of reasons (excuses?), but one of them was that we haven't "done" anything recently. (Ironically, another excuse was that we were doing too much, and I didn't have time.) Looking back at these pictures was an excellent way to remember just how much we did in 2014!  

cherry 1. My first spring in Korea was breathtakingly beautiful. Just looking at this picture makes me anxious for cherry blossom season!

Philippines-7 2.Didn't do anything this year?! Oh, yeah, I spent a week learning to SCUBA dive! That week in the Philippines was so thrilling and relaxing! May_-7 3. Jared and I returned to the US for my brother's wedding!

November-10 4. Korea changed for me when we were able to bring Winston here! Suwon Folk Village-11 5. The Korean Folk Village was the perfect reminder that Korea has so much to offer if you are willing to seek it out (in the sweltering heat).

Ganghwa FI 6. We visited Ganghwa and peeked into North Korea for the first time!

Big Buddha 7. Hong Kong! Changdeokgung Night-6 8. I've seen Seoul's palaces during the day many times, but seeing the buildings lit at night was magical!

November-7 9. Jared and I had this picture planned three months in advance. It incorporates all my favorite things about Seoul- the history, the modern city, the mountains, and fall.

October-6 10. This year I was blessed to see Korea from the air many times. Whether in a tiny Cessna or a roaring Blackhawk, I found one more way to fall in love with this country.

Pretty impressive for one year! What were your favorite moments of 2014?

(Take a step further back and look back at my 2013!)

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    Liz Ogle 1 January, 2015

    You do such great work Bethany. Never stop doing this no matter where you live, ok? Love you guys!

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      Bethany 4 January, 2015

      Thank you, Liz! I am so happy that I started this project; I hope it continues bringing joy for a long time!

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