Happy Thanksgiving! There are some days where Korea seems annoying, or worse, normal. However, today I'm taking the time to think about what I am thankful for in Korea. 1. Heated Floors. 2. The fact that I've never been caught running a red light. 3. Waffles. 4. Socks that perfectly fit my feet. 5. A country that values its culture and history. 6. The opportunity to tutor and teach. 7. Water machines with ice cold and piping hot water everywhere I go. 8. An easy to use transit system. 9. A country that loves stationary like I do. 10. Hiking trails wherever trees grow. 11. Internet rules that allow us to pirate our little hearts out. 12. Amazon Prime. 13. Coffee shops on every street. 14. Four distinct seasons. 15. The opportunity to travel and explore Asia. And for this blog, as a way to share our lives with you!
NOVEMBER 30 in 30

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