I took 1,585 pictures this month. 

And I still don’t feel like I am taking enough! I feel that my personal monthly goals are making me take more pictures, but it is still something that I must remind myself to do. Too often I look back on my day and think, “oh yeah, I should have taken a picture of that.” I am still learning how to use my camera settings, but I feel that I understand how the camera functions more and more everyday. Here is what October looked like through my camera:

October 4

1. A perfect end to summer.

October 1
2. Rain drops outside my kitchen window.

October 18
3. I want a mailbox like this!

October 20
4. I can’t get enough of the beautiful fall colors.

October 24
5. We got a new living room rug just in time; our floors are getting too cold for my toes!

October 2
6. Along the river.

October 6
7. Airports = Adventures!

October 7
8. Flying away!

October 11
9. Cambodian children.

October 9
10. My patient photography instructor.

October 12
11. On top of the ruins.

October 8
12. Leaves rolled and used to decorate a shrine.

October 14
13. Lotus flower.

October 10
14. Leaf.

October 13
15. These little geckos were all over Cambodia.

October 15
16. Cambodian arm candy.

October 21
17. I went on a walk in the woods and found a little bit of fall.

October 5
18. It’s cooling off here; bring on the chai tea!

October 3
19. My photo for How We See Korea.

October 16
20. We may not have children in our home, but they are always present because I am constantly prepping art projects!

October 17
21. Pumpkin season!

October 19
22. Abandoned building.

October 28
23. Some days I just need purple.

October 25
24. Scarf season!

October 23
25. Leaves. Again.

October 29
26. I won a Rubik’s cube at a Halloween party; my tutoring student has been tutoring me on strategies. It’s becoming an obsession.

October 31
27. Just a bit of the cuteness I get to work with.

October 30
28. Crisp, delicious, and pretty enough for a picture.

October 26
29. I love this quote. It is often attributed to Mark Twain, but it has not been verified. Poor Unknown.

October 27
30. Our new favorite snack. Chocolate covered frozen bananas. Yum!

October 22
31. I’m in love with this season! After 5 years in Texas and Alabama, I am finally enjoying a true autumn.

I’m definitely noticing trends in my photography. I am drawn to leaves and bright colors. I’ve never really been a “selfie” girl, and I feel incredibly awkward taking pictures of myself. My patio is my favorite place to take pictures because it has the best light. I’m always lugging objects out there and creating a little studio. I hope you enjoyed the pictures!

Here are the results of my August and September challenges in case you missed them!



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    Joyce Rutherford 1 November, 2013

    Hi, You’re doing really good on your photography. No. 9, “Cambodian Children” is outstanding. It is worthy of publication. I also liked #28. It is reminiscent of the still life paintings of the old masters — good composition. Enjoy the recipes as well. Haven’t tried the Spam recipe yet. I plan to share it with Grace, our Philippine daughter in law. Spam is also a main meat in the Philippines. Love, Joyce

    • Reply
      Bethany 1 November, 2013

      Thank you, Joyce! #9 was one of the last ones I decided to use; I wasn’t very satisfied with it. Now I am glad I included it because you enjoyed it so much! I’m glad you are enjoying the recipes; they are an adventure on their own!

  2. Reply
    Liz 1 November, 2013

    Love the pictures, as usual! Every month I can see your improvement and you’re doing a great job! Love you two! xoxox

    • Reply
      Bethany 1 November, 2013

      Thank you! It’s difficult to get motivated sometimes, but seeing the results and your kind comments encourages me to keep trying!

  3. Reply
    Liz Ogle 2 November, 2013

    I can’t wait to see your whole collection when you move back to the States!

  4. Reply
    knitwgrace 5 November, 2013

    Wow! These photos are really really beautiful. You are talented girl!

    • Reply
      Bethany 6 November, 2013

      Thank you! You take such wonderful photos too. We’re two of a kind 😉

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