We have a busy few months ahead, so I tried to keep October easy and calm. I mostly took pictures of ginkgo leaves and the sky.

October P-5
1. Only a few more months of pagoda pictures!

2. BFF

October P-4
3. This is our third fall in Korea, and it is best one yet!

4. Hazy sunset from our roof.

October P-3
5. A new department store (like a really fancy mall) opened in our neighborhood. Traffic was horrible during the first few weeks, and Korea deployed their “best driver” taxi drivers to help direct traffic. It didn’t make a huge difference.

6. Bread making is the best arm work out!

October P-2
7. Always ready for an adventure!

8. So. Many. Walks.

October L
9. Saw a Lego convention, and I loved this charming little village.

10. A Seoul coloring book!

October L-12
11. We went to an airshow, and somehow the jets and the air made an upside-down rainbow!

12. Sometimes you just want to chill in a coffee shop with your book.

October L-11
13. A gorgeous autumn!

October travel
14. Lots of planning for November and December!

October L-10
15. My favorite leaves.

October P
16. The last bit of summer.

October L-9
17. Seriously, I’m obsessed.

October P-9
18. Views of Seoul courtesy of…

October P-8
19. Bravo Company!

October L-8
20. Although we had some really beautiful weather, some days were just nasty.

October L-7
21. A perfect river reflection.

October P-7
22. The jets at the airshow were really fast, so I have a lot of pictures like this.

October L-6
23. Winston gets really upset when I actually use my yoga mat for yoga instead of cuddling.

October P-6
24. Up!

October L-5
25. This is how Winston marks his territory.

October L-4
26. There are a lot of things I will miss about Korea; trucks driving on the sidewalk is not one of them.

October L-3
27. It’s impossible to buy a macaroon and not take a picture of it!

Ocotber 1
28. Bananagrams- my favorite tutoring tool.

Ocotber 1-2
29. The libraries here in Korea have been ok, but I am hoping to have a wider variety once I go to the US!

October L-2
30. This beauty made it’s way to some delicious smoothies.

Ocotber 1-3
31. I hope your fall was as beautiful and happy as Korea’s!

This was my last week posting on How We See Korea. I’m so grateful I had the opportunity to share my photography and love of Korea there!

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