October pictures! These pictures seem like such a long time ago, and I am already missing these beautiful fall colors!

October-21 1. Cheonggyecheon Stream.

October 2. By the way, I got to fly over Seoul in a Blackhawk! It was amazing!

October-18 3. Perfect yellow leaves.

October-22 4. I don't know how many variations of this photo I have taken, but I love how sunlight makes weeds so pretty!

October-19 5. Ulsan Bawli in Seoraksan!

October-14 6. I'm pretty sure I could work this into my home decor scheme.

October-10 7. Pop of yellow!

October 31-3 8. I've already managed to kill these. It was the fastest I've ever had orchids die.

10 9. Seoraksan National Park

October-6 10. Jared had a buddy that he would fly with a lot (because it helps cut the cost). The friend moved away, and now I get to go up a lot more!

October-20 11. I love this season!

October-8 12. My first beach camping adventure!

October-5 13. Sometimes Korea very much reminds me of Tennessee, and that's just another reason why I love it here.

October-2 14. Changdeokgung at night.

OCT-2 15. Parsnips and carrots are the perfect fall dish!

October 31-2 16. I added a rock to the pile!

October 31 17. Serene scene.

October-4 18. Twilight.

October-9 19. I found two sand dollars mixed in with shells at the beach!

October-12 20. Morning walk.

October-17 21. Koreans stack stones to represent prayers and wishes.

October-16 22. Buddhist swastika representing eternity and harmony.

October-13 23. Fall!

October-11 24. Beach day!

October-7 25. Take me to the river.

October-3 26. Our tour guide at Changdeokgung explained that these trees are extra special because they look like a woman's fan, which are so famous in Korea.

October 31-4 27. This is what I deal with when trying to take Winston's picture.

October-15 28. A perfect day in Korea!

OCT 29. I'm obsessed!

untitled 30. Reflections.

OCT-3 31. We ended October at our friend's annual Halloween Murder Mystery Costume party. I've solved the mystery two years in a row. I like to boast about it.

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    Joyce Rutherford 25 November, 2014

    Beautiful shots. I know Mom is envious of your beach/shell time. A lot of the shots do remind me of Tennessee. Keep up the good work!

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