What a month! I’ve been in Korea, the US, and China in the past 30 days. I’ve logged over 40 hours in airplanes and probably wanted to nap for 40 hours too! I saw the last of my Korean autumns and saw my first snow of the season in China. It’s been a busy, happy month!

November 1
1. My favorite avenue of gingko trees!

November L
2. I only have a little more time left as a city girl. I’m going to miss my skyscrapers and subways.

November P-3
3. There were construction workers nearby, and Winston had no interest in looking at me.

November P-4
4. I loved how this tree transitioned from green to red leaves!

November P-2
5. Our last walk in Korea together.

November P
6. This fall was the most beautiful one I’ve seen in Korea!

November P-5
7. My Incheon bridge coming out of the clouds!

November P-6
8. Sunset over Phoenix.

November P-8
9. Can’t you just feel the sunshine in this picture?!

November P-7
10. This picture was taken in New Mexico, but it easily could have been Korea!

November L-2
11. Winston is staying with family friends (who are like family) until we move to California. Jared and I have some big travels coming up, and our move is going to be very long. We thought it would be better for Winston and us if he moved before we do. So, Winston and I flew to the US together, and I stayed a few days as he adjusted.  I was really worried about how he would get along with my friend’s dog, but they started playing within ten minutes! It was such a relief to know that he was safe AND happy. I’m so grateful that I have friends who love our Winston as much as we do!

November L-3
12. Wow.

November 1-2
13. It was so fun to see cacti and desert; it’s been so long since I’ve been in that environment!

November 1-3
14. Our last night together. I think he knew…

November P-9
15. Sunrise over Siberia.

November 1-4
16. With all my travel time this month, I was able to read 8 books!

November 1-5
17. The Forbidden City!

November L-4
18. Skyline view.

November L-6
20. We had trouble finding a duck restaurant we were looking for in Beijing. Luckily, we found this helpful sign.

November P-10
21. Looking out of a watchtower window at The Great Wall.

November P-11
22. I hiked that!

November L-7
23. Snow on the wall.

November P-12
24. Night market dumplings. What’s in them? Meat. What kind of meat? . . . beef.

November P-13
25. Exploring Beijing.

November L-9
26. This man had a sign about how his life goal is to play this instrument for people and spread joy through music. He’s living his dream.

November L-8
27. This was mesmerizing to watch.

November L-10
28. I made a traditional Korean tea box with hanji paper (like papier-mâché).

November P-14
29. Tea!

November P-15
30. I spent a day in Insadong this week; I’m going to miss this little neighborhood!

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