MAY: 31 IN 31

My May: birthday, ball, bazaar, Tennessee, family, friends, and my brother's wedding. International pet travel, daily walks, ceremonies, BBQs, welcomes, farewells, end-of-the-year parties, graduation, and many "have a good summer!" Thinking, looking, and deciding to move to a new neighborhood. Oh, and flowers. So. Many. Flowers. 

May_ 1. A great way to start 29- birthday flowers from my favorite preschoolers. They made sure to choose purple flowers for Ms. Bethany.

May_-3 2. Most military balls are very similar, but this one will always stand out because we saw someone throw a roll at the Generals' table.

May-3 3. I was walking to my gate in Incheon airport and could hear beautiful music. I found these ladies playing in memory of the Sewol ferry. It was a sobering moment as I was about to begin 20 hours of travel.

May-10 4. The Great Smoky Mountains living up to their name.

May_-7 5. Rehearsal.

May_-6 6. Angie's practice bridal bouquet.

May-6 7. My brother! Now featuring a wife!

May_-9 8. Burlap, lace, and Mason jars- always better together.

May_-8 9. There was a lot of cake this month too.

May_-10 10. My grandmothers. I was so blessed to be able to see so much of my family on my trip home.

May_-17 11. Irises.

May-5 12. Tennessee gifted me with fresh air, blue skies, and an abundance of green. It was like heaven.

May-4 13. Flowers!

May_-11 14. Wedding pearls.

May_-12 15. Wedding bouquet.

May_-13 16. Wedding dress.

May_-14 17. Wedding hair.

May_-2 18. More flowers. I can't resist them.

May_-5 19. May- the month I almost lost my marbles.

May 20. America: the land of selection.

May_-4 21. Mmm...noodles.

May_-15 22. The cheapest waffles are the best.

May-2 23. Duck. It's what's for dinner.

May-8 24. I have spent more time in the woods in the past month than I have my entire year in Korea...

May-7 25. ...because of this adorable dog. (This is what you were all waiting for, right? Pictures of Winston!)

May_-20 26. I'm happy to report that Winston is adjusting so well! He gets at least one walk a day and enjoys barking at our landlord (who used to own a dog restaurant).

May_-18 27. He's making new friends!

May-9 28. I work best on the floor. It's where I lesson plan, write, and craft. Winston has always taken advantage of this as a time to cuddle. I'm delighted that a year apart has not stopped this habit. (He did it so much as I wrote my thesis that I dedicated the book to him.)

May_-16 29. Jared is continually encouraging me and teaching me to experiment with my camera. These posts wouldn't happen without his guidance.

May_-19 30. We are moving to a new neighborhood this week. At first, there were a lot of logical reasons, but now my reason for moving is because these cupcakes are a two minute walk from my soon-to-be home.

May_-21 31. Graduation can only mean one thing- it's summertime!

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    Anonymous 2 June, 2014

    Bethany, great pictures of your grandmothers! Carolyn (aunt)

    • Reply
      Bethany 2 June, 2014

      I think that is my favorite from the entire month! Definitely one to keep!

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