MAY 31 IN 31

May photography! This is far from my best collection, but here are my May pictures. Apparently, I had spring fever, because there are even more flower pictures than usual. May was a busy month. I turned 30, Jared and I celebrated 8 years of marriage, and I saw my preschool students graduate. So many happy days!

May-10 1. I kept fresh flowers in the house all month!

May 30-4 2. We went to Dapsimni twice to visit the antique market!

May Challenge-5 3. Do you ever feel like someone is watching you when you're driving?

May 4. This poultry embargo is getting ridiculous. I want cajun turkey!

May Challenge 5. I completed a Whole 30 diet in May- all fresh, nutritional foods. I felt amazing!

May 30-9 6. A B52 at the War Memorial of Korea.

May Challenge-4 7. I bought cacti for a few friends, and then had to get some for myself.

May 30-10 8. The many dishes of Korea.

May photos 9. We cat sat for a friend in May. When I was wrapping gifts for my students, Jo the cat wanted the ribbons; Winston did not want Jo the cat to get the ribbons. It was a tense 20 minutes.

May Challenge-3 10. Spotted in Dapsimni Antique Market.

May 30 11. I followed him, hoping to find a pot of gold, but he just led me to the subway station.

May 30-3 12. Cherry blossoms!

May-11 13. We found a maze park along our river!

May-16 14. Sidewalk songs.

May 30-2 15. Seconds later, Winston sneezed and the seeds flew away.

May-14 16. The War Memorial of Korea has plaques naming fallen UN soldiers from the Korean War. Flowers were laid at the base of each plaque for Memorial Day.

May-5 17. Always looking for new routes, new roads, nee places.

May-4 18. Colorful blooms!

May-8 19. One of my tutoring students gave me a massive roll cake for my birthday. It was delicious!

May-2 20. Again with the flowers.

May 30-5 21. Winston went through a weird phase for a few days where he always wanted me be right next to me. He'd follow me into the bathroom, sit right at my feet while I was cooking, try to wedge his way into the laundry room. It made me nervous. I know dogs can be intuitive, and I was a little nervous that I was about to have a stroke. Then he stopped.

May 30-8 22. Instead of individual gifts, we always buy something for the house for our wedding anniversaries. This year we made sure to get a piece of Korean furniture. I love our new trunk- and the amazing light it gets in the afternoon!

May-12 23. Statue at the War Memorial of Korea.

May-9 24. Winston.

May-7 25. There were a lot of flowers in May.

May-3 26. And more.

May-6 27. And more.

May-13 28. I loved how proudly these flags flew at the War Memorial.

May 30-6 29. Apartment buildings in Korea go up, up, up!

May 30-7 30. Bake sale beauties!

May Challenge-2 31. I was really tempted to get this as our anniversary purchase, but it didn't seem as practical!

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    Joyce Rutherford 7 July, 2015

    As much as I love flowers, Jared at the bus stop is my favorite here.

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      Bethany 8 July, 2015

      I’ll let him know! He’s a favorite of mine, too 🙂

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