MARCH: 31 in 31

It’s springtime in Seoul!

With the warmer weather, I have been out exploring more than I have the past few months. I missed my Korea adventures while I was staying inside all winter! More adventures means that pictures were easy for this month, but I’ve hardly had time to sit and write many posts. I have several new posts to share with you in the coming days and weeks. Until then, you might see a preview of a few places in this month’s photo collection. Enjoy!

1. I don’t really know what she was dressed as or what she was promoting, but to me this is Korea at its best!

March 3
2. As I watched this woman write my name with her calligraphy pens, I briefly dreamed of taking her class. Then I remembered my frustration at trying to teach myself calligraphy before; I’ll leave it to the experts.

March 5
3. Guess who’s learning to play with lens flare?! (Me!)

March 2
4. I wanted to take a selfie in this mirror and this kid wouldn’t move for several minutes. So, I took his picture instead.

March 10
5. My students sorted the dinosaurs by color and then placed them in perfect rows. I’ve taught them so well.

March 12
6. I love the decor in cafes!

March 11
7. I’m completely jealous at how good some people are at taking pictures on their cell phone. I haven’t master the style just yet.

March 6
8. The weather has been perfect for hiking this month!

March 16
9. Well, I couldn’t resist taking a picture.

March 31
10. The Daiso continues to the be best place to score office supplies. It’s an addiction!

March 25
11. Honey Citron Tea. Best ever.

March 9
12. City lights.

March 22
13. I love every detail of the little temples here.

March 15
14. The blooms begin!

March 14
15. Dig in!

March 19
16. Watch out! These guys don’t stop for anyone!

March 17
17. Hook!

March 29
18. Yup, I got to pet a sheep.

March 26
19. Waffles are my favorite Korean food.

March 13
20. Looking out.

March 21
21. It’s cherry blossom season, and everyone wants a picture!

March 28
22. Proof that even Army posts can be beautiful if you look for it!

March 18
23. Feed the birds. (Have you seen Saving Mr. Banks? It’s about the making of Mary Poppins; we really enjoyed it!)

March 7
24. I was feeling tired and not willing to do actual work, so I got crafty and used some fabric scraps to decorate my office!

March 30
25. Street artistry on a new level!

March 24
26. Flowers!

March 23
27. Cell phone culture.

March 27
28. More blooms!

March 8
29. More lens flare!

March 4
30. Stop to enjoy the view.

March 20
30. Happy spring, everyone!

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    Jessica 1 April, 2014

    My favorite is #28!! I want to blow it up and frame it for my wall! !

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      Bethany 4 April, 2014


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    김정순 13 May, 2014

    I can feel spring watching your fancy photos~You are good at taking picture !

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