MARCH 31 in 31

Let’s jump back to take a look at my March pictures!

March started off cold and gloomy, but we quickly had blue skies and the first blossoms of spring. I missed most of the cherry blossom season because we went to Nepal the last week of the month.

March 31-7
1. March brought back blue skies to Seoul!

March 31-2

2. I love these toothbrush holders from the Daiso; they always make me smile!

March 31-4
3. The gates at Gyeongbukgung.

March 31-6
4. I first shared this picture on How We See Korea. Parking in Korea always stresses me out.

March 31-3
5. I love that I get paid to read books with kids!

6. King Sejong, who created the Korean alphabet.

March 31-9
7. Spring in Seoul!

March 31-5
8. I never get tired of taking pictures of this symbol of Korea.

March 31-10
9. Roses!

10. Look up!

March 31
11. I made Winston a tent out of his second bed. He was not impressed.

March 31-8
12. I’m still finding glitter from this project!

13. I saw a crowd of protesters being watched over by the police. I started to take pictures, and then I looked up and realized where I was- in front of the US Embassy. Oh. Not the place for me to be!

31 March-2
14. Out of the subway and into the sunlight!

15. Off to Nepal!

March 31-11
16. I bought this journal in Hong Kong; it was perfect for my Nepal travels!

17. Though it is more to carry around, I love when hotels give us actual keys!

March 31-13
18. People of Kathmandu.

March 31-12
19. Cashmere scarves.

20. Succulents were taking over the trail to Annapurna!

March 31-17
21. Durbar Square in Kathmandu.

March 31-15
22. This little guy was really excited a few minutes after this picture was taken. A troupe of monkeys were climbing along the power lines, and the pup kept barking until the last one disappeared.

March 31-16
23. At a shrine.

24. Many of the teahouses along the trek were painted in bright colors, and all of them had flowers out front.

March 31-20
25. Photographer.

March 31-18
26. This was the moment we started our 9 day trek!

March 31-14
27. I spotted this group during a parade in Kathmandu. They were wearing all black, except for these socks!

31 March-5
28. At the end of each day trekking, we had plenty of time to explore the little villages. They were so quaint and beautiful!

31 March-4
29. This little guy was full of spunk and wanted to be in the middle of everything!

31 March-3
30. Prayer flags in Kathmandu.

31. Take the colorful path!

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