2014 is looking very exciting!

A week ago, Jared and I sat down to think about the upcoming year, specifically, our travel plans. Jared gave me an iPad for Christmas, and this new toy has really kicked my passion for organizing into overdrive. (I wish I could sync my Evernote and Wunderlist apps together!)

First, we made a list of places we want to visit (all of Asia). Then, I noted four day weekends and holidays that Jared would have off of work. Next, I referred to my handy travel chart I made a few months ago. Isn’t it pretty?
It works like so: “I have vacation time in April! That’s a wonderful time to visit China, Japan, and Nepal!” or “I really want to visit Sri Lanka! It’s best to go in June, July, and August!” When planning trips, every sentence must end with an exclamation point. (You are welcome to use my chart too, but please know that it is just a guide. I made the chart by typing countries into lonelyplanent.com; it’s not scientific or much researched.)

passportIt was a very exciting planning session. Though nothing is booked yet, we are hoping to visit Hong Kong, Bhutan, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan in 2014! (And a trip to the US!) As we were able to visit three countries in 2013, I think this list is completely possible. It’s a bit daunting to think of all the planning, but we are early enough in the planning stage that I’m full of hope and optimism rather than panic and frustration. I’m also trying to squeeze in Mongolia and Singapore/Malaysia, but those are slightly less likely to happen.

As for closer to home, I am very disappointed at how little hiking we did in 2013, and I hope that we get out to explore the mountains a bit more this year. I’m very, very anxious for cherry blossom season (which I missed by a week in 2013), and cannot wait to see the city erupt with beautiful flowers. I also want to visit more places outside of Seoul this year. Basically, I want to do everything on this list!

I set two goals for myself in 2013, one to write in a journal each day (success!) and the other to read 20 books. I read 18 books (I didn’t count my rereading the Harry Potter series for the 15th time), so I didn’t reach that goal. However, one of my 18 books was Ulysses by James Joyce, and I think that beast counts as at least three books.

NapkinsOne of my two goals for 2014 is to make photo books for each year we have been married (6!) and for each of our major trips (at least another 6). I’ll be happy if I at least get the year books completed. I have always hated having our pictures stored on hard drives and not being able to easily view them. We have decided that I will use Blurb and Lightroom 5 to create the books. First, I have to compile and sort through all of our photos. It’s a big goal! My second goal, a little more random, is to only use cloth napkins in the house. We use a napkin at every meal, and I was suddenly appalled at how wasteful we have been. I made a quick decision to save the world a bit while we stuff our faces. Plus, I like cute fabric napkins. Mother Earth wins, fun home decor wins.

So, there is the layout of my 2014- travel, photo editing, and napkins. With goals like that, how could it not be awesome?!



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    Sandy Gardner 4 January, 2014

    I agree with your love and use of ‘real’ napkins. That was the original purpose of napkin rings, so that each individual reused only their own personal napkin until wash-day.

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      Bethany 4 January, 2014

      I had no idea that was the reason for napkin rings! Thanks for sharing & happy new year!

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    Kelly 7 January, 2014

    Go to Mongolia! Go to Mongolia! I lived there in another life and dream of making it back there again. Maybe that needs to be on my 2014 to do list…

    • Reply
      Bethany 8 January, 2014

      Fine! You convinced me! :)

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    Amber 6 February, 2014

    So fun reading this. You are SUPER organized! And I’m impressed you journaled every day!

    • Reply
      Bethany 6 February, 2014

      haha! I take organization to an unhealthy level sometimes! I love looking back through my journal, completely worth the effort!

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