I wish I had been more on top of things so that I could have made some “winter is coming” and Game of Thrones puns. However, I’m too late. Winter isn’t coming; winter is here. It’s presence is well known, and I believe it will be here to stay for quite awhile.

It snowed several times last week. Each snow storm lasted a few hours and was absolutely beautiful to watch. And, yes, they were snow storms. At first I thought I was hearing aircraft, but I quickly realized that it was thundering and snowing at the same time! On one of the snow days, I was a little less than happy. Jared and I were speaking on the phone and he encouraged me to get out of the house, take my camera, and enjoy the snow.

I hope snow never stops being magical for me. I took Jared’s advice and started roaming through the woods in our neighborhood. My spirit was instantly lifted. The ground was covered, the flakes were fat and falling gently, and it was snow quiet all around me. I was able to snap a few pictures before I became too cold.

Snow Evergreen

Snow Pinecone

Snow berries

Snowy Woods

Snow Steps

I have spent the past six winters living in either Texas or Alabama. Therefore, I felt that any snow that falls must be immediately enjoyed because it will disappear within 24 hours, and usually be followed by 60 degree temperatures. Not so in Korea! Although it snowed several times last week, no flakes have fallen since Saturday here. However, my backyard is still completely covered, and the road in front of my house is still icy. I love having a snow scene out my living room window! The snow isn’t sticking around everywhere in Korea. In downtown Seoul, there’s no snow, it’s just cold. I live in what Koreans call “the country;” this means I am five minutes from the closest subway stop and my neighborhood has apartment buildings that only go 20 stories high. However, compared to Seoul, we do get more snow and our roads stay icy longer.

Of course, the lingering snow means that it is really cold outside. It’s been in the teens when I leave for work in the morning and usually hits the mid 30s during the day. This may not seem too cold to some of you, but considering my recent homes, this is cold! However, I have learned one thing from the lingering snow and the icy roads… it’s time to get some snow boots!



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    Anonymous 17 December, 2013

    The picture of the berries with the snow is beautiful! Definitely my favorite, but they are all great :)

    • Reply
      Bethany 17 December, 2013

      Thanks! That one is my fav too!

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    Anonymous 24 December, 2013

    I am sure you have been told. Just wait till late Jan and Feb. The wind is killer!

    • Reply
      Bethany 24 December, 2013

      I’ve heard:( not looking forward to it!

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