JUNE: 30 IN 30

June! How is it over already?! In June, I finished out the school year, moved, and enjoyed a beautiful start to the summer. I've been dog sitting for my friend for a few weeks, so this post is a little dog heavy, but I don't see anything wrong with that!

June Photography Challenge-9 1. All of our belongings went through a window and down this elevator on moving day!

June Photo Challenge-18 2. My new neighborhood let me know that I have arrived at my new home.

June Photography Challenge-14 3. Some of my tutoring students went to China, and they brought me back a frisbee sized amount of tea!

June Photography Challenge-13 4. Love!

June Photography Challenge-11 5. I have never had a bidet explained so perfectly!

June Photography Challenge-10 6. Walks make everything better.

June Photography Challenge-7 7. Biker gang.

June Photo Challenge-8 8. I loved this restaurant's menu!

June Photography Challenge-5 9. Honestly, I can't get enough of our new neighborhood.

June Photography Challenge-8 10. I'm still so happy that he's in Korea with us!

June Photography Challenge-4 11. Love this!

June Photo Challenge 12. I can't have a post without flowers.

June Photo Challenge-22 13. These little guys are used to rest your chopsticks on. So cute!

June Photo Challenge-20 14. It's not even the rainy season yet, and I've been caught in a few downpours already!

June Photo Challenge-19 15. We've been going out for brunch on the weekends, and we recently found these amazing cinnamon rolls!

June Photo Challenge-15 16. I love how much they use glass bottles here.

June Photography Challege 17. He stared at the ball for at least a minute before suddenly grabbing it and running off.

June Photo Challenge-21 18. Icheon's ceramic village.

June Photo Challenge-17 19. Even in this large city, you can still get fresh eggs delivered in the morning.

June Photo Challenge-10 20. Playtime!

June Photo Challenge-9 21. I completely understand, buddy.

June Photo Challenge-7 22. I love this bridge!

June Photo Challenge-6 23. Welcome.

June Photo Challenge-4 24. Because every Thai restaurant needs a Tom & Jerry flower planter.

June Photo Challenge-2 25. Restaurant buttons are one of my favorite things about Korea.

June Photo Challenge-3 26. My new neighborhood.

June Photography Challenge-12 27. Meet Barley, who was absolutely delighted that he got the ball.

June Photography Challenge 28. Just dandy.

June Photo Challenge-16 29. Beautiful blooms.

June Photo Challenge-5 30. Take time to stop and smell the flowers.



  1. Reply
    sandy gardner 1 July, 2014

    I am pretty sure that in #10 Winston is looking at the tip of the flag and thinking, ‘BALL?’

    • Reply
      Bethany 2 July, 2014

      Haha! Sometimes I wish I knew what he was thinking!

  2. Reply
    Liz Ogle 2 July, 2014

    Love them all, as usual, but my favorite is “take time to stop and smell the flowers.” Animals always point out the simple things in life.

    • Reply
      Bethany 2 July, 2014

      Winston did that completely on his own. I was trying to get the flowers and put his nose right in them!

  3. Reply
    Hey Ashers! 27 July, 2014

    How cool! Is the outdoor elevator thingy standard moving practice? Crazy!

    What a happy dog! (It’s important to ensure that one’s ball is not aware of one’s intentions before making off with it, you know.)

    Very kind of them to explain the bidet so well. =D

    Your neighborhood looks awesome. Can’t wait to see more of it!

  4. Reply

    I imagine you get some pretty interesting reactions when you’re out with a dog that big. We don’t see big dogs very often down south, but when you do they usually draw a crowd (a somewhat distant crowd).

    • Reply
      Bethany 3 August, 2014

      Yes, we can’t go outside without people staring. However, he’s so friendly looking that most people are happily intrigued. I’ve noticed that it’s mainly the older generations that are angry/scared.

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