One morning in December 2012, Jared and I were awakened by a text message, which was quickly followed by a phone call. We were given the news that we had anxiously been waiting for; we were moving to Korea!

During that initial conversation, after the “I can’t believe this” and “oh! think how much we can travel” conversations, I announced, “I think I’ll write a blog.” I was inspired by a few of my favorite blogs, and I was interested in joining that creative community. The time seemed right; I had a topic; why not?

Today marks one year since my first post here on More Than A Page. It’s something that I feel is worth celebrating. My little piece of the internet has become something very special to me, a part of me. This blog still leaves me with mixed emotions- joy, frustration, stress, humility, gratitude, and pride.

I have always written well. Not anything really noteworthy, but it was a strength of mine. Then came my thesis and the hell that was 2010. Jared was deployed, I was teaching full time, and I spent every evening and weekend writing, editing, and revising. It was a struggle, and at times I threw out entire 20 page chapters and started again. And again. And again. I made it through. I passed my thesis defense and graduated, but I was finished with writing.

So, starting a blog was a big step for me. When I started writing, I knew that it would mostly be my family and friends reading, but I nervous about putting my words out there. However, I wanted to write, to share, to be a part of this encouraging community. For the first few months of the blog, I wouldn’t post without Jared reading it first. He was my safety net as I slowly built my confidence again. Then one day I wrote a post. A little post that I brainstormed on one of our trips to the airport. It exploded. I got over 1,000 views in one day. That’s ten times as many as I see on a good day! I got the last little bit of encouragement I needed to heal my writing soul. After that post, I wasn’t nearly as concerned with perfection. Although I hope I haven’t peaked just yet, if that was the best post I ever write, then I am ok with that. I didn’t post on my scheduled day or at my regular time? The world continues to spin. So there’s a typo in my post? I hope that noticing that error brought as much joy to the finder as I feel when finding grammar mistakes.

Enough with the sappy story. Let’s see some fun blog-day facts!






This site has been central to my growth as a writer and a photographer. Through this blog I have been able to embrace my new life in Korea, and I have met some incredible people. My blogging network happily expanded by posting with KoreaYe and How We See Korea. I am delighted to announce that starting this week, I will be one of three regular contributors on How We See Korea! I am incredibly honored to join this fantastic group of photographers! I will be posting a weekly picture from my adventures in Korea, and I hope you click over for a visit. I love digging through the archives and piecing together an understanding of this country, one picture at a time.

This year has been a whirlwind. I moved from the United States to South Korea. I traveled to countries I never thought I would see. And I started a little hobby, a blog. What began as a way for me to share my experiences with family and friends has grown into something more. . . than a page.

FEBRUARY: 28 in 28


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    knitwgrace 5 March, 2014

    And I’m a little teary reading this. Loved the summaries and of course love your blog and excited for you to join us at HWSK!

    • Reply
      Bethany 5 March, 2014

      It makes me a little emotional too! Thanks for all your support this year, and I am so happy to start my second year blogging by joining HWSK!

  2. Reply
    japakok 5 March, 2014

    How cool is it that you’re joining HWSK right at your first blog-iversary?! Excited to have you!

    • Reply
      Bethany 5 March, 2014

      It’s meant to be!

  3. Reply
    japakok 5 March, 2014

    Also, we have the same pen set (errrrr … obsession). :)

    • Reply
      Bethany 5 March, 2014

      I love these pens! I glad we have the same obsessions!

  4. Reply
    Kelly 5 March, 2014

    Congratulations Bethany! Your blog is beautiful, entertaining, and inspiring. Keep on keepin’ on. I love reading it!

    • Reply
      Bethany 5 March, 2014

      Thank you for your support and being part of my blog story, Kelly!

  5. Reply
    Krystle 5 March, 2014

    Congratulations friend! I can’t wait to follow you over at HWSK too :) Happy Blog-Day to you.

    • Reply
      Bethany 5 March, 2014

      Thanks :) I knew you’d follow me anywhere!

  6. Reply
    Myriam 6 March, 2014

    Happy one year blogging anniversary Bethany! I wish you tons of new viewers for the new year to come. love the idea of the blog-facts, so fun and cute!

    • Reply
      Bethany 6 March, 2014

      I try to not check my stats too often, but it was fun to dig around and get the facts for the anniversary! Of course, my favorite one is how many different countries have visited!

  7. Reply
    김정순 13 May, 2014

    Hi Bethany!
    I am happy to visit your blog.
    Keep going your taking pictures,writing something what you want. ^*^
    Hi myriam~I’m Jane

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