My blog is two years old! This seems rather impossible to me. Have I really been writing here for two years? It's funny how my opinion on this blog has changed so many times in the past two years. I've gone from feeling immensely proud to devastated, from eager and creative to not caring one bit. Overall, this blog has brought me so much joy. It has helped me grow as a photographer and a writer. It has encouraged me to get out and visit places that I may not have considered otherwise. I have no doubt that it has enhanced my happiness during our stay in Korea. Admittedly, I have blogged much less in my second year on More Than a Page than I did my first year. I thought it would be the other way around. That once I found my groove, I would be prolific, and it would come so easily. Hardly. Like most projects, my enthusiasm for something new granted me momentum for the first year, and since then I have gradually slowed down. There are a lot of reasons for this. However, mainly I have left myself off the hook. I used to make very strict schedules for my writing and felt horrible when I didn't stick to them. I would stress about my self-imposed deadlines. I almost didn't start my monthly photo project because I was so scared of failure. Then I realized that I was the only one putting that pressure on myself. I never intended to use this blog to make money, so advertisers were not requiring me to meet monthly view goals. I recognized my limits and decided to stop harassing myself about a project that is meant to bring me joy. It worked! Well, it worked in that I no longer stress myself out about writing. It didn't work out so well for you, the reader, as I don't post as often. However, though I have slowed, I have no intention of stopping. I have a backlog of pictures to show you and stories to tell you. Thank you for sticking around to celebrate each adventure with me! I've written 136 posts, and I love looking back at old posts. Here are a few of my favorites:
And don't forget to relive how it all started with my first post! Interestingly, the post that has continued to bring me visitors over the past two years is my Yaki Mandu post! It has been visited almost everyday for months, closely followed by my How Driving in Korea is Like the Mob post. I'd love to hear which posts you remember loving! Cheers to my third year!


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    Amber 8 March, 2015

    The driving in korea one is hands down my fave. And so spot on. And your 30 in 30 are also faves.

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      Bethany 10 March, 2015

      Thank you! I appreciate you continuing to read. We miss you over here!

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