I cannot believe it is already January! December was been a roller coaster between frantically busy and completely relaxed. 

I was not frantically blogging or taking pictures in December. I simply did not have the time to dedicate to my little online world. However, this lack of attention to the blog didn’t bother me as much as it has in the past. I have a blog planner (obviously), and it used to really upset me when I got behind schedule. However, this month I barely looked at the planner and didn’t let my own high standards beat me down. Instead, I devoted my time to making Christmas presents for my students, spending time with friends, and sleeping in.


1. Once an unconquerable enemy, now I don’t give chopstick use a second thought!

Seoul Card2. We found these little paper pop up cards in Gangnam. Architecture from around the world was represented, but I liked our Seoul Tower the best.

Snow Tire3. Everything look pretty covered in snow.


4. 2013- the year of the waffle.


5. Christmas decorations made Korea feel a lot more like home.


6. There are fuzzy winter hats everywhere you turn here!


7. I was exhausted from skiing, and apparently this family was too!

Mold Wall

8. Not a pretty picture, but definitely a big part of my December. Within a few short days our house was invaded by a lot of mold. A lot. After moving all our belongings into our living room, scrubbing, putting up new wallpaper, and obtaining new dehumidifiers our house is finally mold free!

Snow Chair

9. Snow!


10. It’s dying now.


11. There was a lot of baking this month! These are my favorite cookies, and it was hard to give them away!

Christmas Tree

12. O Christmas tree…


13. Christmas ornaments, hot cocoa sets, and adorable cards, my sweet students made me feel blessed this Christmas.


14. The never-ending subway.


15. The journals of 2013.


16. A jar full of Pockys make a merry Christmas.


17. A little blurry, but he’s cute enough that it doesn’t matter!


18. In case you forgot to bring gloves…


19. Our house was overloaded with candy for Christmas. I’m not complaining.

Tae kwon Christmas

20. Tae Kwon Christmas! A new ornament to celebrate our new home…


21.  …but still remembering where we come from!


22. Jared’s first attempt at eggnog!


23. A new watch and an old favorite.


24. Here’s hoping you got a least one completely random gift this holiday season!


25. One of our favorite ornaments. I updated it to include 2013’s travels!


26. My brother gave me a beautiful new journal that he bought in Saudi Arabia!


27. Jared surprised me with a new iPad, and his artistic skills.

New Year

28. Stepping into the new year!


29. Cloth napkins make life seem prettier.


30. Meet the average Korean mate. He wears a headband on New Years Eve, he carries his lover’s purse, and he takes selfies.


31. Last picture of the year, and taken by Jared. The main street in Gangnam was lined with these massive balloons for people to write wishes and resolutions on. My ultimate goal for 2014? Happiness.

This month’s photo collection is overrun with Christmas pictures. As I love this season and all the decor that goes with it, I’m ok that over half my pictures have red and green sparkles. Despite a new 22mm f/2 lens for Christmas (see featured image!), there was a low moment with my photography last week. Some slight inattention to my photo editing software made an hour of editing and organizing my photos completely void. I was incredibly frustrated and stomped away from the computer declaring that I was done with photography. Within a few hours, Jared reeled me back in with some practice bokeh shots.

Happy New Year!

Photo collections from 2013: August, September, October, November



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    knitwgrace 1 January, 2014

    I cannot decide which photo I like best- the never-ending subway or the korean male selfie…ok…definitely the selfie, now that I think about it!!!! This so needs to be on HWSK!

    • Reply
      Bethany 1 January, 2014

      I love that selfie too! It’s so Korea!

  2. Reply
    Tina Perry Harmon 2 January, 2014

    Once again- amazing! Happy New Year!

    • Reply
      Bethany 2 January, 2014

      Thanks! I hope your 2014 is wonderful!

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