December went by so quickly! It was a blur of parties, presents, and way too much food indulgence!

Decmeber-7 1. Sparkle and shine all month long!

Decmeber-6 2. I started an origami project, and realize that I may be completely in over my head!

12 3. Snow boots.

Decmeber-5 4. The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear!

Decmeber-9 5. I love these peppermints!

Decmeber-10 6. Winston!

Decmeber-12 7. Ice skaters.

Decmeber-8 8. I left so many of my Christmas decorations in the US, but I still have enough to decorate the house and make it festive!

Decmeber-4 9. Snow!

Decmeber-18 10. A beautiful gift from a student!

12-3 11. Some days you just need some noodles.

12-4 12. I was pretending my macro lens was a monocle when I realized I could take a pretty neat picture with it!

Decmeber-3 13. December was a month of sugar.

Decmeber-23 14. Clear blue skies!

Decmeber 15. O Christmas Tree...

Decmeber-21 16. Ready for a colorful 2015!

Decmeber-22 17. I wish we had a fireplace in our home!

Decmeber-17 18. Poinsettia.

Decmeber-24 19. There is an entire hillside of these berries near our house.

Decmeber-25 20. Perfect pinecone.

Decmeber-20 21. I love winter coats and scarfs!

Decmeber-19 22. Another gift from students; I am so lucky to teach such wonderful children!

Decmeber-16 23. My preschool class made clay hands for Christmas presents, I love the one I made!

Decmeber-15 24. Spotted at Lotte World... dragons?

Decmeber-14 25. Even their characters pose for pictures with peace signs!

Decmeber-13 26. Amusement park fun!

12-2 27. Koreans know how to make an excellent hot chocolate!

santahat 28. Santa hats!

Decmeber-2 29. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!

12-5 30. My stocking was stuffing with kisses!

Decmeber-11 31. The holidays wore me out, maybe that's this guy's excuse too?

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    Amber 3 February, 2015

    #4, hahaha! #11, don’t DO that to me! YUMMMMM!

    • Reply
      Bethany 18 February, 2015

      You should know exactly where #11 was taken!

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