April 30 in 30

April was a beautiful month!

We spent the first part of April in Nepal hiking to Annapurna Base Camp. We returned to Korea for the last blossoms of spring.

April photography-12
1. Trekking was exhausting, but it was worth it when you come around a bend and see this.

April photography-9
2. This way!

April Photos
3. A room with a view.

April photos-3
4. I never got tired of crossing these bridges!

April photography
5. My alarm clock while trekking.

April photography-10
6. Why, yes, I do want a pony! (The log on the left is a beehive!)

April photography-11
7. This is a buffalo! One of the more challenging things I did on the trail was trying to describe an American Buffalo to our guide.

April photography-7
8. Walking through barley fields.

April photography-6
9. Buddhist prayer rock piles.

April photography-5
10. This afternoon in Ghorepani was like a fairy tale. Fog came in and everything looked magical.

April photography-4
11. To the next stop!

April photography-2
12. Beauty in the smallest of places.

April Challenge-2
13. I love how colorful prayer flags are!

April photography-8
14. Isn’t this the prettiest color combination?

April photography-3
15. It was the perfect time to travel in Nepal- everything was blooming and bright!

April Challenge-7
16. Color makes everything better!

April Challenge-6
17. At the Monkey Temple in Kathmandu.

April Challenge-5
18. Every variety of gold elephant you could every want or need.

April Challenge-3
19. Although I loved visiting the temple and seeing the monkeys. I was a little apprehensive and kept a close eye on them; they’re tricky little animals!

April photography-14
20. Pink & green paradise.

April Photos-2
21. Just a little flight to Mt. Everest.

Banana Plant
22. I had no idea that banana trees had these massive blooms!

April photos-4
23. Candles at a shrine.

April photography-13
24. Excuse this photo, but this was one of the nicest bathrooms I had in Nepal. It was indoors, and it had running water. It’s the little luxuries that make life enjoyable!

April Challenge-4
25. Though many of the surrounding buildings were damaged in the April 25 earthquake, this golden stupa at the monkey temple remained standing.

April Challenge
26. A peaceful sight at Fewa Lake in Pokhara.

April Challenge-10
27. Blooms in Korea.

April Challenge-9
28. This type of parking in Korea is considered acceptable; completely blocking someone is ok if you have your phone number on the dash. I do not find it acceptable.

29. I was trying to take some pictures of Winston, and he ran straight into the camera. The photo shoot ended immediately!

April Challenge-8
30. Somedays you just need to cuddle with your teddy bear.

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