A few weeks ago, I was talking to Jared about how I need to fight my chocolate addiction. I have always had a sweet tooth, and have rarely met a dessert that is too rich. 

It’s gotten to the point where I crave something sweet, usually chocolate, every single day. Have to have it. I have tried not keeping sweet foods in the house; it didn’t really work because I have no problem with walking or driving somewhere to satisfy my chocolate craving.

My addiction will not get any better now that I have found the Shinsegae Department Store basement bakery heaven. My friend introduced me to this confectionary heaven on our shopping trip to Express Bus Terminal the other day. From the subway you can enter the department store’s basement level, where there is pastry paradise. Doughnuts, sweet breads, candy, cakes, cookies, cupcakes, pie, gourmet chocolate, gelato, and on and on. (There is also a Korean grocery store and some sushi stalls- not as interesting.)

The Menagerie, the bakery, has tables piled high with fresh breads, muffins, turnovers, any pastry you’d like. Nearby is a counter where hard candy is made right in front of you. The cupcake counter has dozens of flavors and designs to choose from. Schneeballen sells German inspired cookie balls that you mash into pieces to eat.

Shinsegae Cupcakes

Candy Maker




Cookie Balls

Pastries 2

I was able to limit myself to three pastries, a cupcake, a cookie ball, and a taste of my friend’s gelato. Now I know just where to go when my sweet tooth starts begging for a treat; perhaps this wasn’t a good discovery!



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    Liz Ogle 10 August, 2013

    OMG! I couldn’t go into that store!

    • Reply
      Bethany 10 August, 2013

      It’s so dangerous!

      And I love danger…

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    sandy gardner 10 August, 2013

    I am so very curious about the cookie balls? Are they soft or crunchy? They look a bit like strips of cooky wound into a ball. Can I send my taste buds over for you to take on a walk for me?

    • Reply
      Bethany 10 August, 2013

      The cookie balls are crunchy. Jared and I compared it to an ice cream cone flavor and texture. So there are layers of the cookie/cone wrapped to make a ball, then dipped in different flavors (chocolate, vanilla, coconut, strawberry, and interestingly, garlic). You buy the ball whole, and then they ask you if you want it broken into pieces. They put it in a bag and attack it with a wooden mallet to make bite size pieces. I’ve never seen anything like it!

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    Jessica 10 August, 2013

    Oooooohhhh my goodness! !!! I could almost smell the cupcakes just from the pictures!!!!!!

    • Reply
      Bethany 10 August, 2013

      So many things here are just so “cute.” The cupcakes are no exception!

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