This weekend we visited one of my favorite public institutions: the zoo! I have loved going to the zoo since childhood, and try to visit as many as possible. I have visited some spectacular zoos, where there are lush gardens and well cared for animals; I have left some zoos feeling utterly depressed because of the conditions I saw.

I felt that the Seoul Zoo, located in Seoul Grand Park, was very nice. It was clean, had a large variety of animals, and more trash cans than one usually sees in Korea. There were shaded walkways, snack shops, and art integrated into the exhibits. In short, it was a zoo. I found it very similar to zoos in the US, and thus have very little to describe to you. The signs listed the name of the animal in English and maybe a random fact (“I eat fish!), but otherwise there was very little bilingual information. I do, however, have a few pictures to share!

Seoul Zoo 2

Seoul Zoo 6

Seoul Zoo 3

Seoul Zoo_

Seoul Zoo 4

Seoul Zoo

Seoul Zoo 5

Although I love watching elephants, this time I found the monkeys to be the most entertaining. We watched as one male monkey decided to give mating a try; however, he appeared to have chosen the wrong partner, as a larger, much older looking acquaintance screamed and chased the fertile male away. Many of the animals were, like us, trying to find any bit of shade or breeze that they could because it was such a hot day outside. The heat and time limitations kept us from exploring the entire grounds, but at only ₩3,000 per adult it will be easy to venture over again.

PS: Despite all the lovely creatures we saw this weekend, I am still missing my favorite animal & best friend, Winston. He turned five years old this past week, and seems to be thoroughly enjoying his current home and spoiled lifestyle!


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