I love Autumn. It’s my favorite season- the weather, the foods, the boots and scarves, and the changing leaves make this time of year magical.

I already shared several fall leaf photos in my October photo collection, so you should know how obsessed I am. This is the first true fall I have experienced in many years; I spent three years in Texas, where “fall” was the leaves dying from the droughts and 30 degree temperature changes in 24 hours. However, Korea knows how to do autumn. We have had several weeks of crisp mornings that ease into warm afternoons, and the cool air has given us beautiful views of the mountains because the haze is clearing up. It’s perfect, and I’m falling (haha get it?) in love with this country even more this season.

The clear air has given us a better view of our closest mountain, Namhansan. We can see it from our kitchen window; although I didn’t know it was there for my first month here because visibility had been so low. Jared is an adventurous biker and looked at the mountain for awhile before declaring, “I want to ride up that.” So, he did. Several times in the past week he pedaled his way to the top, and each time he would text me about how beautiful the trees were at the top. There was no way I was going to bike to the top, so we tried to find a time to drive up there.

Unfortunately the only time we were able to make it work was on a chilly, rainy afternoon just an hour and a half before sunset. At the top of the mountain is an old fortress- Namhansanseong. Although it was already closed to visitors when we arrived, we were able to wander around the walls and the surrounding woods. Since we were unable to really explore the buildings, I don’t have much information on the history of the fortress. Hopefully, you’re like me and are more interested in the fall leaves. Jared was right; the trees were stunning. All the leaves are turning at the same time and the colors are so bright and vivid. It was cloudy, misty, and much chillier than I had expected, but it was worth it. I was delighted with each new tree I saw, and the mist made the fortress seem like it was straight out of a fairy tale. The light was fading very quickly, so I moved quickly to capture as much of this beauty as I could. Don’t worry if you’re not enjoying a beautiful fall in your hometown; I’m happy to share mine with you!


Namhansanseong 2


Namhansanseong 3




This was one of the last pictures I took at the fortress. I didn’t have a tripod, it was was impossible for me to get a sharp, hand-held picture. I started playing around with my settings and wiggling my camera as I took pictures, making it even blurrier. I’m pretty sure this is what it looks like as you jump into a piles of leaves (before you realize how many bugs are on the leaves and that you just landed on really cold, hard ground).

There are several restaurants at the fortress. It was too cold for the outdoor seating, but how wonderful is this patio area?! Twinkle lights, colorful seating, and hundreds of happy yellow leaves; it’s the kind of perfection that could never be planned.

I’m trying to soak up this wonderful weather and love I’m feeling for Korea. I have been warned that wintertime is a little less heavenly and a lot more harsh.

*In case it really made you wonder, today’s post title is inspired by a song from Jared’s favorite band, who were inspired by his favorite book series. Anyone know the band and the author?




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    Liz Ogle 7 November, 2013

    How about Led Zeppelin?? Beautiful fall pictures!

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      Bethany 7 November, 2013

      Yup, Led Zeppelin is the band!

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