OH, KOREA! (#2)

Oh Korea I often stop to take pictures of the little random bits of daily life here in Korea. Some of these are so amusing that I need to share them with you! As an English major and teacher, I always delight in finding grammar mistakes. Korea makes this game incredibly easy and entertaining. This is one of my favorite finds. This book is meant to be used as an aide in learning English; based on the title, I'm not so hopeful for the people who study this guide! (The only redeeming quality is that I can spy the cover of a Harry Potter novel.) Click here for another Oh, Korea moment!


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    sandy gardner 23 July, 2014

    We have cartoon books written for children in Vietnamese and what they think is English. They don’t even make enough sense to form a story in English. Soooo many expats, could they not get a true English speaker to edit?
    My favorites are still the street signs in English. So happy to have the generous English translations but even happier to have their wacky translations

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      Bethany 23 July, 2014

      Yes! There are so many English speakers here; how does this happen? I’m so glad it does though, and I have a lot more to share!

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    Hey Ashers! 27 July, 2014

    This is absolutely fantastic. =D

    I’m so far behind on your blog, it’s shameful. I must try to catch up!


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