Jared and I have seen our fair share of art. We’ve gone to a few traveling exhibitions, toured museums in Europe to see some of the great masterpieces, and got cramps in our necks from gazing up at the Sistine Chapel. Seeing famous works of art has always provided me with a sense of awe and appreciation for the genius who brought such visions to the world; however, none of our art expeditions have been as much fun as our tour of street art in Ewha!

The mural village contains over 60 pieces of street murals and sculptures, and is located high on a hill above Ewha Women’s University. The mural project was undertaken in 2006 by artists and locals to try to revitalize this older and poorer neighborhood. The outcome is amazing; the streets are are vibrant, lively, and filled with visitors. Jared and I spent the day wandering through the maze of streets trying to find as many of the murals as we could. The artists who created them were quite creative in their works. Some of the murals incorporate the gas pipe on the side of the building or a crack in the bricks. There are paintings hidden in corners that are only a foot tall, while others are large displays that cover an entire staircase. Most of the subjects are happy: puppies, boats, flowers, angels; and the happiness is infectious. It was fun to think of new ways to pose and interact with the murals; and quite amusing to see the poses that others came up with.



Dog Window

Dog Hole



Ihwa 2

Ihwa 3

Ihwa 5

Ihwa 6

Ihwa 8

Ihwa 9

Ihwa 10

Ihwa 14

Ihwa 11

Ihwa 12

Ihwa 15

Ihwa 4


As you can probably tell, Jared and I really enjoyed taking pictures of all the murals. I highly recommend this as a fun outing for the afternoon! Make sure you wear comfortable shoes though; you will be hiking up and down some steep streets!

To visit, take Line 4 to Hyewha Station and take Exit 2. Walk past Marronnier Park and turn left at the first major intersection (Yulgok-ro). Turn left again onto Yulgok-ro 19-gil and hike up the hill.



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    Sandy Gardner 4 October, 2013

    Love the paintings and the interaction!! Makes me want to paint something…
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Reply
    Bethany 4 October, 2013

    I always feels so special when you take the time to comment, Sandy. Thank you! Let me know if you decide to paint something; I’d love to see it!

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