Jared and I celebrated 8 years of marriage in May. (Yay!)

Antique MarketWe do not buy gifts for each other for anniversaries; instead, we buy an item for the house. In the past we have gotten a patio set, a new set of kitchen knives, and a coffee table. I think it is a unique way to celebrate, especially since an anniversary is about both people. Making decor decisions and large purchases can be a little trying on a relationship, but we’ve made it work!

Since I knew that this will be our last year in Korea, I wanted to make sure that we got a piece of Korean furniture before we left. A friend had visited the Dapsimni Antiques Market and said that there were a lot of good finds there. We set out in early May to see if the market had anything that interested us for an anniversary purchase.

The market has three large buildings on one block near Dapsimni Station. Inside the building are dozens of stores, and you can easily wander from one shop to another. The hallways are packed with overflowing merchandise, and the entire places smells like an old farmhouse. It was really difficult to get pictures inside the buildings because it is very dark inside. Some of the shops sold true antiques, while others had reproductions or refurbished furniture. Some shops specialized in ceramics, while others only had trunks or baskets. We saw old locks, cookie stamps, and bound manuscripts. We visited twice and both visits were on the weekend. However, there were very few customers and owners would stand in front of their shops encouraging us to enter.

trunkWe had found a cabinet we liked on the first visit, but wanted to shop around before we bought it. We looked around the rest of Dapsimni, and visited a few antiques shops in Insadong before deciding we’d purchase the cabinet. However, we went back to the shop and noticed a really nice trunk. It had been there on our previous visit, but hadn’t stood out to us. We discussed pricing and thought about which would fit our decor better. We quickly abandoned our original cabinet and bought the trunk!

It is from Gangwondo, a province in eastern Korea. The front opens up; there are three drawers at the top and a large open area at the bottom. We now use the trunk to store our camera equipment. It sits directly across from our front door, and I have my favorite painting hanging above it. It looks perfect with the rest of our furniture, and I am so happy we made this purchase! It will be the perfect reminder of Korea, and our 8th anniversary!


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