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Jet lag was kind enough to finally release me from its grip, and just in time for my birthday! The past few years I’ve been a bit reluctant about my birthdays. I was not thrilled to be older and wiser, and my twenties were moving a bit too quickly. However, this year I am embracing 28 and all the adventures that are sure to come with it! My wish was to be in Korea by my birthday; wish granted!


If the Army has taught me one thing, it is networking. Well, and patience, but we’ll keep it positive here. I don’t know how many times I have been talking to someone affiliated with the Army and have found out that we know a related third party. “Oh, you were in Unit XYZ? Did you know Bob? Isn’t he great?” “You’re going to Ft. Rucker? You have to try this Mexican restaurant!” It’s a small, helpful community. We were lucky enough to receive some great benefits from this phenomenon on our most recent move.