I mentioned in my previous post that Jared and I have made a goal of visiting all of the UNESCO World Heritage sites in Korea. Ganghwa Island was the first on our list!


Did you know that the Republic of Korea has 10 designated UNESCO World Heritage sites? Did you know that the Korea Tourism Organization gives free passports to collect stamps for these sites? (Do you already see where this is going?)


Holidays are a little funny over here. We will have the day off for American holidays like President’s Day, Memorial Day, or Independence Day, but the Koreans will still be bustling around with every day life. This makes it a perfect time to visit tourists sites in the country, because there are far fewer people present. 


I often stop to take pictures of the little random bits of daily life here in Korea. Some of these are so amusing that I need to share them with you!

This is a bus ad that I have seen a lot in Seoul. I’d like to say that I don’t know what the exact message is, but I’m pretty sure it is, “don’t be fat.” The fourth girl’s bus seat is sunken from her weight and her legs are being attacked by evil fat monsters. Oh, Korea!

JUNE: 30 IN 30

June! How is it over already?!


I’m a sucker for local, handmade goods. A handcrafted bamboo dragonfly made by the guy sitting in the middle of Kyoto’s bamboo forest? I’ll take one. A freshly painted canvas by the artist who sets up in the same spot everyday? Yes, please. So, I was very excited when I was invited to travel to Icheon’s ceramic village.


“So, what trips do you have planned this summer?!”


We moved. Not out of Korea, but just to a new neighborhood about 15 minutes from our previous home.


I’ve mentioned that I went to the US last month and brought back my Winston. However, I haven’t yet shared about my experience while back in my home country. 

MAY: 31 IN 31

My May: birthday, ball, bazaar, Tennessee, family, friends, and my brother’s wedding. International pet travel, daily walks, ceremonies, BBQs, welcomes, farewells, end-of-the-year parties, graduation, and many “have a good summer!” Thinking, looking, and deciding to move to a new neighborhood. Oh, and flowers. So. Many. Flowers.